Tearing down a building might be simpler and less expensive than trying to fix-up a home that has totally worsened. It is also cheaper than, say, moving a house to another stage.

Before thinking of hiring a bulldozer to crumble your building into pieces, first, have a thought of hiring a consultant who could give you a piece of advice whether it really makes sense financially to destroy the apartment.

There’re many better options that you could go for when tearing down a building. The process relies upon some determinates like the area where the building resides, nature of the building materials, the main reason for the demolition and the channel that particles are going to be disposed of.

For smaller apartments, which are houses, two to three stories high, tearing down such is a rather easy process. The building could be pulled down either by manual or mechanical or using large hydraulic equipment: which might include elevated work platforms, crane & ball, excavators or bulldozers and so on. Although, bigger buildings might want to use a wrecking ball.

Wrecking balls are particularly operative against masonry, however, they are less easily controlled and most times less effective than other means. Newer or latest means may use rotational hydraulic shears and muzzled rock-breakers attached to excavators to cut or break through wood, steel, and concrete. The use of shears is mostly popular when flame cutting would be unsafe.


How Long Will it Take to tear down a Building?

It sometimes takes several weeks or months to arrange a building for crumbling. All materials that of valuable nature, for instance, copper wiring, are stripped off from the building. Some items must be taken away, for example, glass that could form dangerous projectiles and insulation that could get scattered over an open space. The time consumed for destruction work depends on the scale and complexity of that building.


The method used in Tearing down a building.

Below are the few selected methods you could use in tearing down a building:


Crane & Ball Method

This is one of the ancient and commonly used methods for building deconstruction or demolition, the crane & ball uses a wrecking ball which weighs up to 13,500 pounds to destroy concrete and masonry buildings. When this process is ongoing, the ball is either put onto or swung into the building that is to be demolished. In some instances, a crane with a wrecking ball method is usually used to demolish the entire building down to a certain manageable level.

High Reach Arm Method

High Reach Arm is another convenient way of demolishing a building. The starting point for defining a destruction carried out by High Reach Arm is when it reaches a height of 20 meters and beyond. Usually, High Reach Arm method is formed by a base machine (excavator, tank, engine, and counterweights), a destruction arm which has three sections and the major tool which is fixed to the base machine (crushers, shears, and hammers).

High Reach Arm machines could be equipped with various tools to make them appropriate for tearing down of buildings.  Below are the steps you could use in tearing down a Building:


  • Take off and cap all services such as major water and sewer linking, power supply, gas and also the telephone.
  • Raise site fencing and secure the site; erect scaffold if necessary.
  • Hazardous material (i.e. asbestos) should be removed under license or by experts if required.
  • Carefully take away all weakened material/items and remove all cabling, lighting, plumbing, radiators etc. from the apartment.
  • Also, remove all entrances, windows frameworks, linings, internal/external wood moldings etc.
  • Remove the building roof and lead flashings
  • Take away structural woods, joists, and trusses.
  • Destroy the walls and salvage the bricks for instance. Irrelevant materials could be removed for demolition.


There’re diverse ways to pull down a building, and most of them are just spectacular: destroying it up from the inside so it falls on itself or crumbling it to pieces with a two-ton wrecking ball.  Any mistakes could be dangerous, although, some demolitions were unsuccessful, which severely caused damages to the neighboring building. One noticeable danger is from flying debris, which, when unprepared for, could kill a passerby.

To gain control over dust, fire hoses are used to keep a wet destruction of a building. Hoses might be held on to by the workers, and which must be secured in a fixed area, or attached somewhere. However, costly metals like steel, aluminum or copper, every law required that wood and concrete debris be recycled.